City to scale back water testing to every other day

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - After following Ohio EPA protocol, the City of Toledo has decided to scale back the frequency of testing water for microcystins.

The city has been testing the water daily for microcystins in an attempt to make sure the water is safe for public consumption.

According to Kelly Hancock, a representative for the city, Ohio EPA protocol states that the treatment plant can scale back their tests from daily to twice per week after:

  • Lake water test results fall below 5 ppb for three consecutive days
  • Tap water test results show non-detectable levels for the same three days

Hancock says the city went a step further: They had the required results for five consecutive days.

As a result, they have decided to scale back their testing, but to every other day rather than the required minimum of twice per week.

The water was last tested on Tuesday, Sept. 2. Microcystin levels in the tap water were non-detectable. Another test is being performed Thursday, Sept. 4. Test results are published on the city website here.

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