Noise wall being built along 475 has residents pleased

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Noise coming from both westbound and eastbound along 475 near Sylvania Township is disturbing residents. Now a noise wall is being built and some residents say it is long overdue.

Jan Dailey lives near I-475 and says you can hear the noise from the road late into the night.

"We call is the 'semi lullaby,'" said Dailey. "Because it's just, you either have to get rocked to sleep by the semis or forget sleeping at night."

Dailey says you don't just hear it but you can feel it to.

"We live with creeks and shakes and the kitchen table vibrates," said Dailey. "But that, that really you just get used to that too."

Soon Dailey and other residents won't have to deal with the constant noise.

The Ohio Department of Transportation is creating a $5.5 million noise wall. The wall will be built from Corey to Talmadge in the northside of I-475 and from Corey to Woodley on the southside.

The project is already underway and Dailey says she is looking forward to the silence.

"It would be a pleasure if it really does cut out the roar," said Dailey.

The wall should be up by June of 2015, weather permitting.

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