Dozens of local farmers in Bloomdale fight against natural gas pipeline

BLOOMDALE, OH (Toledo News Now) - About 60 farmers in Bloomdale heard important information Wednesday from a law firm that wants to represent them in this battle against Rover Pipeline.

Lawyers say they won't be able to stop the pipeline from going in but can help landowners get what they deserve.

Through eminent domain Rover has the legal right to buy easements on the landowners' properties in order to put in the pipeline moving gas from Pennsylvania, through Ohio and eventually up to Canada.

This proposed pipeline will also affect landowners in Seneca, Hancock, Henry, Defiance and Fulton Counties but lawyers say they will fight for a fair price for that portion of land.

Bloomdale Farmer Todd Tienarend says he is worried about the amount of acres lost.

"The problem with ours is it cuts our farm on a diagonal, almost in half," said Tienarend. "They talk about access, if we can't get across that we're basically, there's basically one field, 25 acres we can't get to. So it's not good to us if they won't let us across it."

The law firm says it has signed on with 25 property owners so far and expects to add dozens more as they reach more landowners in northwest Ohio.

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