Point Place residents outraged by community project vandalism

POINT PLACE, OH (Toledo News Now) - A brand new canoe dock at Cullen Park was put together by Point Place residents and businesses owners who donated the materials, resources and their time to build it. Now the dock has been vandalized with graffiti only a month after it was built.

Park, Recreation and Forestry Commissioner Denny Garvin says they are minor damages and will soon be fixed but that it is still troubling that someone would vandalize what the community has made.

"The people, for the people who put all this time and effort into it are kind of disappointed," said Garvin. "They're definitely disappointed thinking, you know, what's going on, what's the matter with our neighborhood and I'm fortunately like 'we all learned in first or second grade it only takes one or two kids that kind of a wreck it for the whole class.'"

Garvin says they know who is responsible for the vandalism and that it is being taken care of.

The park will remain closed until spring for renovations. Garvin says it will now have cameras and be closely monitored by police.

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