Mayor Collins vetoes road repair money

Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins
Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins has issued his first veto since becoming mayor earlier this year.

Collins on Wednesday vetoed a plan to spend $4.7 million on street repairs in districts 1 and 3. The measure was passed by city council last week.

Collins says his concerns with the ordinance are three-fold. First, he says the city charter, specifically section 30, gives him the power to make decisions about road repair.

Secondly, Collins says the ordinance is unfair.

"Allowing this ordinance to stand does not allow for the fair and equitable distribution of funds and creates a dangerous precedent," Collins said in a statement to council.

Finally, Collins says the city has other plans for the money. Specifically, he hopes to buy  a paving machine and a milling machine to aid with road repair throughout the city.

Collins says he has a better plan. He says the city's Engineering Services Division's resurfacing plan will allow the city to repave 7 lane miles of roadway, as opposed to the 3.33 outlined in the vetoed ordinance.

Council would need 9 votes to override the Mayor's veto.  The measure originally passed 10-2.

At least one Toledo City Councilperson isn't happy with the mayor's veto.

"We do need to work together. Council is working together. We've got a good plan to use this money and he's refusing to work as a team player," said Councilman Michael Craig.

Read Mayor Collins's full statement on the veto here.

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