No charges expected after man dies from falling tiles in Menards

A Menards storefront
A Menards storefront

CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP, MI (Toledo News Now) - No criminal charges are expected to be filed after a man was killed by falling tiles at a Detroit-area Menards store.

Richard Colletti, of Clinton Township, MI, was shopping with his wife on Saturday, Aug. 30, when a pallet of ceramic tiles weighing 400-500 pounds fell from a shelf and hit him.

According to the Detroit Free Press, police have investigated and not found any indication of criminal negligence by the store. Police say store employees had the aisle closed off earlier in the day to stock the shelves with a forklift, but the aisle had been reopened to customers for about 20 minutes before the accident occurred.

The forklift operator was in the area and reportedly saw the pallet begin to tip. He shouted a warning to Colletti and his wife. Colletti's wife heard and got out of the way, but he did not.

Colletti was taken to the hospital with head injuries and later died.

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