Toledo Technology Academy expands to seventh and eighth grades

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Parentsin Toledo have more options this year when deciding where to send their kids toschool. For the first time, the Toledo Technology Academy is accepting seventhand eighth graders.

Theywelcomed everyone in an open house on Tuesday. Toledo Technology Academy (TTA)is geared toward students interested in mechanical and electrical engineering.It has previously just been for high school students, but now it's a 7-12campus.

"Theresponse has just been tremendous," said TTA Director Gary Thompson.

So far,TTA seems to be a popular choice among parents of seventh and eighth-grade students.

"Waybefore the end of the school year, our seventh grade was filled up with awaiting list," Thompson said. "Our eighth grade maxed out and our ninth gradersare maxed out."

Onemother says she's happy the school expanded and says one week in, she's neverseen her son so excited to go to school.

"It'svery motivating for him," she said. "He can think ahead and figure out theprojects and he's always been a child to take things apart and put them backtogether, and this fits his personality."

Thompsonsays incorporating seventh and eighth grade now makes students' transition intothe TTA high school that much easier.

"Reachingdown into the grades and getting the kids prepared at an earlier age isabsolutely going to make the ninth grade transition very, very easy for them,"he said.

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