Restaurant Ratings Report: Managers without food safety knowledge

LUCAS COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) - Shouldn't a restaurant manager know about food safety regulations? Health inspectors found that wasn't the case at more than one restaurant during recent inspections in this week's Restaurant Ratings Report.

Cinco de Mayo Amigos in Oregon topped the list this week with 17 violations. An inspector says the manager wasn't knowledgeable about food safety, and raw eggs were found stored above ready-to-eat foods. There was also no so soap at the employee hand-washing sink.

Another case of a manager lacking food safety knowledge was found at Penn Station East Coast Subs. They had 11 violations altogether, including potatoes that needed to be kept cool found sitting out and no test kit for the sanitizer station.

Alexis Road restaurant Seafood had nine violations. Curly fries were found stored under raw fish, house-made butter and tomatoes were found sitting out at room temperature when they should be refrigerated, and a slicer had food residue on it.

Lebanese Market in Toledo had seven violations. Those included not properly cooling eggs, a dirty meat grinder and slicer, and no back-flow prevention in the facility.

Jimmy John's on Central Avenue, however, passed their recent inspection. The health inspector noted all the deli meat was held at the proper temperature.

And Taco Bell on West Alexis in Toledo is also in the clear. The facility was said to be well-maintained.

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