Whitehouse Park to get new pavilion during renovation

WHITEHOUSE, OH (Toledo News Now) - Whitehouse Park is getting a new look, including a new pavilion for guests to enjoy.

The park sits on Providence Street in Whitehouse. The new pavilion will be about 60 feet in diameter and place in the front of the park.

"A lot of our community events are held there in the front, so we are really trying to provide a real nice-looking place where people can gather," explained Village Administrator Jordan Daugherty.

The renovation is one of the projects associated with the village's parks master plan.

Back in 2009 the Village of Whitehouse surveyed residents to find out what work they wanted to see in the village. Now nearly five years later those suggestions are becoming a reality.

The two biggest requests were improvements to the parks and the beatification of downtown. Both suggestions have already been started with renovations to the Whitehouse Park and a mural painted downtown.

Administrator Daugherty says though the survey is five years old it continues to assist the village in making improvements that serve the residents.

"It was a great endeavor," said Daugherty. "And being in a small community we are able to do that door to door, so now our efforts are to prove to residents that it was worthwhile."

Daugherty also says there is a chance that another survey will be conducted in the next five years.

As for the new park pavilion Daugherty says they only want to enhance the village.

"It's going to have some material-theme features that are common throughout the village," said Daugherty.

The soldier statue that has stood in the park for decades is going to be moved to a new home, as well. A new memorial-the med park honoring local soldiers will be set up down the street.

"Any memorial that will recognize anybody that has fought for this country is a great idea, because often times they are forgot about when it's not in the news anymore," said resident Chris Fuqua.

Village officials say the memorial park will help bridge the gap between generations and give everyone a chance to learn about local fallen soldiers.

"This is a very, very family-oriented city and we do a lot of things that involve family, so anything that promotes family is a really good thing," said Fuqua.

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