Only on WTOL: Wood County parents find a sex offender in babysitting group

WOOD COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) - A local group of parents formed a babysitting group to help each other out, but were shocked to find out one of the parents was a registered sex offender.

Toledo News Now's Vanessa Fays talked to the Wood County Sheriff's Office to get this exclusive story.

The Wood County Sheriff's Office cannot release many details about the offender because they say no criminal activity took place.

Deputy Isaiah Loar says that there are resources to help you identify sex offenders around you.

"We've got our website, that you can look them up by city, by name, by your location, you know within a couple of miles of you," said Loar. "We also have the e-mail alerts that you can sign up for."

Deputy Loar says that informing the public about all the ways they can identify offenders is all they can do at this point. Loar says that way people can at least know what they're getting into.

He says situations like these are not comfortable for anyone.

"As a parent," said Loar. "I would absolutely be nervous if you found out that a sex offender had been hanging around your kid, whether they prey on young children or not."

To view a complete registry of sex offenders in Wood County click here.

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