How to get WTOL 11 for free with an over the air antenna

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Anyone who lives in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan can get WTOL 11's signal for free using an over the air antenna. Just plug an antenna into your television. Then select "auto-program" or "channel program" on your tv's menu. Once your television has scanned for channels, you should get WTOL 11 and other local stations.

Do I need to buy a new "digital" or "HD" antenna?

No. There is no such thing as a "digital" or "HD" antenna. Old antennas will work fine for receiving digital, high definition television.  A digital tuner is needed, though. Most new televisions contain a digital tune. For older televisions, a digital converter box may be needed.

Where's the best location for my antenna?

The higher, the better.

Outdoor or attic antennas are much more effective than set-top rabbit ears. If you have rabbit ears, consider moving them to the attic and running a cable to the television. Rabbit ears often cannot get a strong signal on the first floor of your home because of obstruction by other homes and structures.

Where should I point my antenna?

WTOL 11, FOX36 and several other Toledo TV stations broadcast their signals from towers in Oregon, Ohio. If you have a directional antenna, point it in the direction of Oregon.

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