Federal government demanding Toledo repay part of Police grant

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Federal government is demanding the city of Toledo pay up, claiming the city misused federal grant money.

The 2009 Cops Hiring Grant totaled $7.1 million and was used to help fund a dwindling local police force. Federal officials want Toledo to return $396,000 of that money.

The city says the feds are requesting the return due to "questioned costs for the duplication of vacation and sick leave reimbursement by the COPS Office." A 2012 audit found the city wasn't compliant with the grant's stipulations.

Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins says this happened under the Bell administration but now the city will have to fix it. He says the city is lucky they don't have to pay back more.

"Ifyou say you're going to have more policeofficers as a result of a grant and you don't have more police officers midwaythrough the grant, then you're not compliant," he said. "Now,when they excused away that part, I'm very thankful they did because this couldhave been a much larger hit."

The current plan is to take $396,000 from the Risk Management Fund to repay the grant over the next three years. Collins presented the request to city council at their agenda hearing on Tuesday.

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