IRS warns about phone scam

IRS warns about phone scam

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The IRS warns of major scammers who continue to impersonate agents, ranking in millions of hard earned dollars.

Fairfax County Police Officer Tom Polhemus says it is a phone call that could leave your bank account empty without you even knowing it.

"Every day we get people that fall victim to it," said Polhemus.

Investigators say con artists are targeting victims with a simple phone call where they demand bogus payments for money they allegedly owe the IRS.

One victim says in some cases the victims claim they were told if they don't pay up immediately they will be in big trouble.

"It seemed threatening," said the victim. "Very threatening."

This woman received a call from the scammers just a few days ago.

"She said she was calling from some civil division," said the victim. "That they had legal papers. It you talk to them long enough they will ask you for money. It's sort of like 'you're in big trouble and we've got papers to deliver, but there's a way we can work around this.'"

The call to this woman was unsuccessful. She hung up before they could get any of her personal banking information.

IRS officials say they are not going to call out of the blue.

The agency that oversees the IRS says they have received 90,000 complaints about the scam so far and about 1,100 victims have been duped out of $5 million.

Officer Polhemus says there are signs to watch out for.

"Western Union, Moneygram or Green Dot Moneypack," said Polhemus. "If it's one of those three ways to transfer money, 100% it's fraud. Don't do it."

Officials also say to watch out for individuals who call from numbers that appear on the caller ID as a toll-free IRS number, more than likely you're being spoofed.

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