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Brook Hill's Grant Hanks & Seth Brasher form deadly duo

BULLARD, TX (KLTV) - Brook Hill won its week one game against Edgewood 49 to 42 and two players had performances they will never forget. Quarterback Grant Hanks and wide receiver Seth Brasher connected for four touchdowns and proved they are one of the best duo's in all of East Texas.

The opening game of the season was a coming out party for Brook Hill quarterback Grant Hanks and wide receiver Seth Brasher. Hanks threw for over 440 yards and Brasher had over 200 yards receiving. "I figured we would have a good game because it was the first game but honestly I kept saying, my luck is going to run out soon but I guess it didn't," Hanks said.

Brasher added, "Going into it, I was like you know just catch a few balls and try and get in the endzone a couple times. But it ended up working out pretty good where we racked a few up."

Hanks and Brasher indeed racked up a few touchdowns. Grant had six on the night, four of which went to his favorite target in Seth.
"It was crazy," Hanks said. "Every time I went to the sideline I just kind of sat over there and was like wow I am feeling it tonight." Brasher added," I was just doing my thing catching balls you know but after the game they were like bro you had four touchdowns and like over 200 yards. I was like dang."

Dang is right. The duo put in a few weeks worth of stats in just one game. The best part about their success though, both give credit to each other. "Just sitting back and watching it, you are like he's good you know," Brasher said of Hanks. "Its like wow. I mean he is a great quarterback. He has a strong arm, and he is really accurate with it."

Hanks added,"Almost 99 percent of the time I know when I throw it over to Seth he will come down with it. The biggest thing is trust. I know he is not going to give up on me and surely he knows I am not going to give up on him."

The outstanding performance is a little different for Seth since his dad Bobby is the head coach. And even as a coach, dad was impressed by his son's spectacular game. "When he has success we are certainly proud but we try to keep it in context and we celebrate for the day," head coach Bobby Brasher said. "Then we move on to the next game. We are proud and we love him and its been a great experience so far."

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