Fulton County Fair a family affair

It's the second largest county fair in Ohio.

The Fulton County Fair is 157 years old.

300,000 visitors are expected through next Thursday.

They'll walk the midway, enjoying rides, food and the famous milk shakes served here.

Kids will come with their 4-H animals.

Only the Canfield County Fair in Northeast Ohio is bigger in attendance.

Why is the Fulton County Fair so popular?

"Somebody asked me that the other day. I told them the Ohio State/Michigan game sells out every year. It only comes once a year and it's a tradition. People just have to go to it," said Dennis Wyse of the fair.

Case in point: 720 families call the campgrounds home during fair week.

It actually becomes the biggest city in Fulton County.

Spaces open up in April.

This year, only four became available.

Ninety names ended up on the waiting list.

These are serious campers.

"We had instances where they'd be in estates handed down to the heirs. And we've also had them involved in divorce court," said Mr. Wyse.

The Grime family of Archbold has claimed the same spot for thirty years.

Not only is it a cheap vacation but it's a chance for a family re-union.

"It's great for the family to get together. Family comes from out of town. Kids enjoy it," said Josh Grime.

Towns like Washington D.C., Richmond, Cincinnati and Columbus.

"It brings back lots of memories. They have the same food, rides in the same place and now my kids are having fun with it," said Autumn Sackett.

And the Grime family expects this quality time together at the Fulton County Fair will keep them all out of divorce court.