Oregon detectives find stolen GAF band equipment

OREGON, OH (Toledo News Now) - The band Euro Express, based out of Chicago, filled a police report in Oregon Monday stating their equipment was stolen out of their locked trailer while in town for the German American Festival.

Oregon Police Detective Janet Zeal says this morning they got an anonymous tip on where the equipment was taken, a house in the 400 block of Nevada in east Toledo.

"After we did some surveillance and further checking we did see some activity at the house which lead us to believe that there was more stolen property in that actual home," said Zeal.

Zeal says detectives saw someone bringing in an amp box to the home. With the help of U.S. Marshals they broke into the home where they found the band equipment was sitting in the living room.

"It was great," said Zeal. "It was a great feeling, we contacted the victims, they were so happy that they will be coming next week to get there equipment back."

Zeal says it's rare to make a find like this.

"The property could be scattered wherever, throughout the area, you could sell it to a friend, you could sell it to a friend of a friend, you could send it to a pawn shop, there is really so many different places that property like this could go, so it is difficult to find it all together,"said Zeal.

Zeal said she thinks the equipment was stolen to resell and possibly buy drugs.

An arrest has not yet been made. Police are still wrapping up their investigation before pressing charges.

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