Woodward HS officials making sure new field is ready for football

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - High school football officially kicksoff Friday, and one of the games will be at Woodward High School's brand new field.

Some worried the field wouldn't be ready in time, but area leaderssay they'redoing what it takes to make sure the game can kickoff as scheduled.

There still aren't permanent lights or stands atWoodward, but head football coach Sean Wesolowski says that won't stop them from playing their firsthome game.

"We're excited for it," said Wesolowski.  "I know the student body is excited for it, and the community isexcited for it."

For years, home games for Woodward's football team weren't quite played at home, as the schooldidn't have a field yet.

Now, the Polar Bears have their own,and they're notletting a lack of permanent lights or stands stop them from playing there.

Coach Wesolowski says temporarylighting will be brought in for Friday's 6:30 game, and the schedule has been adjusted for the rest ofthe season.

"Therest of our games are going to be at 1:00 on Saturdays, so the lightingsituation shouldn't be anissue," hesaid.

Fans have also been waiting for a newfield, so temporary stands have been brought in.  Coach Wesolowski says they'll stay as long as they're needed.

"We areraising money for more permanent stands," he said.  "Once those come in these will gosomeplace else."

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