Lucas County having issues with their new dispatch system

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Lucas County is having some issues with their new dispatch system. The dispatch system is used for the Toledo Police, Fire, Sheriff's Office and other law enforcement agencies

Due to the multiple rigs and ambulances at every fire house the new system has had a hard time determining which vehicles were dispatched and which ones were still available for calls.

Lucas County went from a 20-year-old computer aided dispatch system to a brand new one back in June.

Over the past two months issues have been noticed and fixed but there are still times the system goes off line. Lt. Matthew Hertzfeld says with any new computer system there are sure to be bugs that need to be worked out.

"There are backup systems in place for the CAD and for the radio system itself," said Hertzfeld. "Obviously, our first choice is to stay with our main system, but realizing these are computer systems, software and language, that you can have issues that are going to come up, which are overcome with our backup systems."

Once the system is free of flaws it will offer better technology to help you in emergencies. In the past dispatchers dispatched the closest fire house to an emergency. Hertzfeld says now trucks are tracked by GPS so the closest rig gets dispatched.

"The GPS is an important component of that because it will shorten our response times if the closest rig is sent to that fire," said Hertzfeld. "Obviously that cuts down on response time and in the case of a fire, when seconds count, this new system will send the closest apparatus to the fire."

The first month the new dispatch systems went off line, forcing crews to use their backup systems. Hertzfeld says the past month it has been running smoothly.

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