Rossford working on a plan to keep their water safe

ROSSFORD, OHIO (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - The City of Rossford is working on a plan to ensure the safety oftheir water. Rossford Mayor Neil MacKinnon says they are doing what they can toprepare for the possibility of another water crisis.

"We have thousands of water bottles on standby in case that crisiswere to happen again," said MacKinnon.

MacKinnon also says they are in the process of upgrading theirsewer system.

"We still had some homes that were on septic systems," saidMacKinnon. "So now they will no longer be on septic systems."

The City of Rossford contracts with the Northwest Sewer and WaterDistrict.

District Leader Jerry Greiner says moving forward the district islooking at all their options in order to keep the water safe and be prepared ifanother crisis occurs.

"We're looking at all our options as we always do in our 20 or 30years of operations," said Greiner. "We'll try to work out where there'seconomic development needs."

Nrgie Salon and Spa in downtown Rossford suffered a big hit duringthe water crisis. Employee Allison Bartley says they use the water a lotthroughout the day.

"It's on your hair, and then if you have color on your hair," saidBartley. "We didn't know how it was going to react, even when they lifted theban as far as saying shower quickly, but when you have bleach or color on yourhair that's not a quick rinse."

Bartley says the staff are very happy to hear that the city anddistrict are working on a plan.

"I think that it needed to happen," said Bartley. "I think weshould have one regardless, so it's nice to see that they're stepping up, especiallyworking in a business like this."

Even though the city has a stockpile of water ready Bartley says thesalon has their own just to be extra cautious.

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