Collins Park Water Plant tour shows the process of treating Lake Erie water

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - It's been nearly four weeks since the Toledo Water Crisis occurred and many wonder what is being done to protect our water.

Thursday a tour of Collins Park Water Treatment Plant showed the entire process of the water treatments, from how it is collected from Lake Erie to how it gets to our faucets. The entire tour lasted about an hour and a half.

Water is collected at the intake crib miles out on Lake Erie. Chemicals are then added and using gravity, the water goes into the low pump station at Reno Beach. Chlorine is added for disinfection and then it is sent to a 70 million gallon holding tank before it's distributed.

The City of Toledo's Program Manager Warren Henry says they are looking at different treatment technologies for algae and the renovations that are already underway will help in that process.

"Were adding additional chemicals at Lake Erie right now," said Henry. "Increasing dosages to absorb the toxins that are present in the raw water, so that's already underway in addition to the treatments that are taking place here."

The total cost of the improvements being done amount to almost $264 million.

Work kicked off last year and will take another four years to complete.

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