Health officials stress importance of EpiPens for students

(Toledo News Now) - A large majority of states have lawsallowing schools to stock EpiPens, which can counteract your child's allergic reaction, but often thelaw does not require schools to have the life-saving devices on hand.  This is the case in Ohio.

The EpiPen could mean the differencebetween life and death for your child. The problem is many parents many not know their children have allergiesuntil they get to school, and if schools don't have any record of those allergies, they may not be prepared foran emergency.

Experts say life threatening allergicreactions can occur within minutes, so it's important to always have an EpiPen on hand.

Currently, many school districts inour area treat EpiPens like prescriptions. If your child has an allergy, it's important they bring an EpiPen to school, as it could save theirlife.

Perrysburg Schools are meeting withemergency officials to further their EpiPen plan.

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