University of Toledo offers self-defense tips

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Campus safety is a top priority as the fall semester gets underway.  Right now, University leaders are working harder than ever to prevent assaults.

Police Chief Jeff Newton says the most important tip for a person is to trust their instincts and act accordingly when facing a dangerous situation.

He also recommends walking confidently and even making eye contact, as criminals are more likely to target those who appear vulnerable.

The University of Toledo teaches classes to help protect students and staff from attackers.  Those classes provide instructions on using what's available to you, such as your car keys, to protect yourself.  The classes also emphasize protecting yourself by targeting the attacker's vulnerable areas, such as the eyes or groin.

Chief Newton stresses that in a dangerous situation, the most important weapon is a potential victim's mouth, as he says you should be yelling to alert others of the situation and to draw attention to what's happening.

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