Whitehouse woman is fighting to keep her teacup pigs

WHITEHOUSE, OH (Toledo News Now) - Angi Shinaver is not your typical pet owner. She has two mini pigs known as Teacups she says are like family.

"My kids are all grown so these are my kids now, you know," said Shinaver.

She says they are a great addition to the family.

"They're a very intelligent and very affectionate animal," said Shinavers. "They are less smelly than dogs. They are much cleaner than dogs."

But she received a letter Saturday from the Whitehouse village prosecutor. It was a final notice to remove the pigs or criminal charges will be filed against her.

Village zoning official Barb Knisely says it is against municipal and zoning codes to keep livestock in a district not zoned agricultural.

Shinaver rescued Phyllis from a property in Monroe County, Michigan over the winter. She says the pig was not well cared for but she was able to nurse her back to health. Now she can't imagine having to give her up, along with Levi.

"I thought, I did not want to go to jail but I don't want to lose my babies so if I have to re-home them while I am fighting this, then that's what I'll do," said Shinavers. "And it's going to be very, very lonely in this house while they are gone."

The zoning official says Shinaver can request a variance to see if she could keep them, but Shinaver says that would force her to admit they are agricultural animals. She insists they are pets. Shinaver has a lawyer and says she is prepared to take it to court.

If she loses the challenge she says she will consider selling her house and moving out of Whitehouse.

Shinaver says she plans on taking the pigs to a relative's house outside of Whitehouse on Thursday while she fights the village's order.

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