Walbridge Police report juvenile approached in stranger danger incident

Walbridge, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Walbridge Police reported a stranger danger incident on their Facebook page Tuesday after they say a male driving a van approached a juvenile girl.

Police say the man had a beard and was driving a light-colored van with shag carpet on the dashboard around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The man reportedly slammed on his brakes in heavy traffic near S. Main and Clinton to conduct a U-turn.  He then approached the girl, who was walking home from the library, and asked for directions to Union Street.

The girl ran home and police were notified.

"This startled her," said Walbridge Police Capt. Matt Simon. "She said, 'I'm not going to talk to you,' and she ran, which is what we encourage everyone to do."

Police reached out to the public for help and say they've already got a couple leads to follow up on.

Simon says now that school is back in session, police will have a heavier presence around drop off and pick up time.

"We try to follow school buses, get out, walk around the area where a lot of kids are dropped off, or not so many kids are," he said.

Police are also urging parents to be extra cautious until they get a better idea of who this man was and what he wanted.

"If your kids do get off at a bus stop, if they're the only kid there, we do encourage you to wait with your kids or wait to pick up your kid, or maybe talk to the school to get them dropped off with multiple kids," Simon said. "That way they're walking in groups. It's a little bit safer, especially for the younger kids."

If anyone sees anything unusual, they are urged to call police at 419-666-1444.

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