Restaurant Ratings Report: Bugs, dirty utensils and expired food found

Golden Dragon received 16 violations in a recent inspection.
Golden Dragon received 16 violations in a recent inspection.

(Toledo News Now) - Bugs, dirty utensils and expired food were just a few of the violations health inspectors tallied up this week at local restaurants.

Golden Dragon on Secor in Toledo received the most violations in Lucas County this week – 16. They were written up for having dirty utensils and surfaces. Employees were also seen using the hand-washing sink as a dump sink and not keeping wiping cloths in sanitizer.

Star Diner in Oregon received 13 violations. The health inspector noted the person in charge wasn't knowledgeable about food safety. Food was found past its discard date and live insects were found in the prep and dish machine rooms.

Mi Hacienda in Toledo was busted for food not held at the proper temperature – including shrimp, chicken and steak. Inspectors also found dirt and debris buildup, and gnats in the basement. The restaurant received 11 violations altogether.

Also in Toledo, Trotters Tavern had eight violations. Raw steaks were stored below ready-to-eat food, there were no sanitizer buckets in the kitchen or bar, and the inspector noted general cleaning was needed in the facility.

Cherry Lane Custom Cakes, however, had no violations. The health inspector described the facility as very clean and organized.

Backyard BBQ in Toledo was also violation-free.

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