Lucas County Deputies use simulators for life like training

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Tuesday afternoon Lucas County deputies trained with a simulator, responding to life or death situations.

Lt. Matt Luettke says it may look like a movie or a game, but for deputies at the sheriff's office it's not.

"What it does is it allows us to look at the judgments that we make," said Luettke. "Turn right instead of left, draw our weapon or don't draw our weapon, shoot  don't shoot."

And it's not just shooting, the majority of the deputies time is spent behind the wheel. Lt. Luettke says one deputy, while using the simulator, chased down an armed man suspected of murder.

"This allows us to put ourselves in those scenarios," said Luettke. "And really it allows you the deputies eyes, the officers eyes to be open."

Law Enforcement Training Officer Jim Meador says it provides training the deputies need.

"Officers are expected to be perfect," said Meador. "They are expected to make the right decisions and respond appropriately really within a mila-second sometimes."

The training is provided by the Ohio Officer Peace Training Academy. Meador says this is the first year they have come to Lucas County.

"It is not something that you do once and you are going to go out there and be perfect every time," said Meador. "With any skill practice makes perfect and training is important, so the more officers that can be subjected to this type of training the better that they are going to get over time."

Deputies said the training was helpful and they would welcome the training again in the future.

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