Don't Waste Your Money: Facebook photo alert

(Toledo News Now) - Many people don't realize what happens to pictures, and how they can be used, once you share them online.

If you have a Facebook account, chances are you post photos of yourself, your kids and your pets.  But whose pictures are those now?

A new report from the tech site Mashable says by joining Facebook, you give the site "permission to use your photos and videos for whatever it wants." You still own your image, but Facebook can share it as it sees fit.

Mashable says Twitter and Instagram have similar terms.

So how can you protect your pictures and your family?

First, assume everything you post is public.

Finally, it's okay to post photos of young children; just don't use their names.

You certainly don't want hackers or identity thieves knowing the face and name of your child, so leave the name off the photo.

That way, you're safe and you don't waste your money.

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