TPS welcomes back teachers with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Monday Superintendent Dr. Romules Durant and the members of his cabinet took the Ice Bucket Challenge in front of their fellow staff members at Cedar Creek Church in South Toledo.

Durant says it's a way for them to support a very misunderstood disease.

"It's one of the most misunderstood diseases out there, ALS, you know any way we can support it," said Durant. "Like I said support comes from the top down and that means I've been challenged, called out and I'm here to answer it".

Durant says it was the end to a welcome back event for all the district's staff members.

Employees were given a cook out and got the chance to greet each other. Dr. Durant says it's an appreciation day for their 4,000 employees.

''I always think that you set the tone from top down," said Durant. "And when the superintendent and his cabinet can sit and say you know what, we appreciate the work you do, we understand your challenges, we want to make sure we take a day and time to recognize that."

This year, 1,500 TPS employees attended.

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