Last year's harsh winter has put road salt in high demand

NORTHWOOD, OH (Toledo News Now) - The city of Northwood has stockpiled salt for the upcoming winter and they're hoping that what they have will help soften the blow of the 400% increase in the price of salt this year.

Each year they purchase about 900 tons of road salt.

Northwood City Administrator Bob Anderson says last year they got it for $32.50 per ton, but this year it's going to be a lot more.

"I think our bid was around $132.50 from the say $33 that we spent last year per ton," said Anderson.

He says they didn't budget for this big of an increase, so they're planning to just wait it out to see if the price goes down. But they're also prepared to change their tactics a little to try to conserve what they have left.

"We're lucky enough to have stockpiled all that we can hold in our salt pen," said Anderson. "And if we have to use it just on intersections and hills and stuff we'll do that to make it last."

ODOT helps negotiate the prices for salt. They say that Northwood participated in a summer fill up program that allowed them to stockpile for about $45 per ton. But if they need more during the winter it could be over $100.

The city administrator says they're just hoping they don't have to purchase more than what they have.

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