Bowling Green hydrant flushing affecting residents

BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) - Bowling Green is flushing out their fire hydrants this week as part of a process they're required to complete every year.

Flushing makes sure that all hydrants in the city are working properly.

Water Distribution Superintendent Mike Johnson says they want residents to know that the water is still drinkable but are asking them to watch out for rusty water. He also says they are asking for residents to not use hot water or do laundry until all hydrants are flushed.

"We ask that you don't use any hot water, that will put rust in your hot water tank," said Johnson. "If you get rusty water and you happen to be doing laundry, which we ask you not to do, we can provide you with some rust out, and that should take care of any laundry that gets some discoloration."

They'll be flushing the hydrants every day this week from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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