Massive equipment delivered to refinery

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Heads were turning in East Toledo Sunday night for a big move.

It began at the Port of Toledo on Front Street and ends five miles away at the Toledo Refining plant on Woodville Road.

Two bulky pieces of equipment were delivered to the plant.

One weighed 285 tons, the other 499 and a half tons.

Special permits were issued by the city of Toledo for the heavy load.

It moved along at a snail's pace of two miles an hour accompanied by Toledo Police.

It was quite a spectacle for gawkers lining the route.

"I thought it was going to be prettier than that but it looks kind of rusty to me," said Gary Bonnell.

It was a tricky transport.

Traffic was stopped and side streets closed.

There were parking restrictions and overhead wiring was removed for the thirty foot high equipment.

"It's something different. You don't get to see it very often," said Jason Kendall of the sight.

The two pieces are replacement parts for a unit that manufactures transportation fuel at the plant.

It's part of a $130 million upgrade creating upwards of 100 new jobs for members of Boilermakers Local 85 who will install the pieces during an October shutdown.

"It's humongous for the area. It improves the refinery, the process. It's a big deal," said Boilermakers Local 85 Business Manager Tim Timmons.

It's been a month-long journey for the pieces.

They were fabricated in Oklahoma, arriving in Toledo by barge by way of the Arkansas and Mississippi Rivers, the Great Lakes and finally the Maumee River.

If all goes as planned, the equipment should arrive at the refining plant around sunrise Monday morning.

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