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CA quake wake up call for Southern Arizona

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Tucson Geologist and Director of the Arizona Geological Survey, Dr. Lee Allison, said California's big earthquake Sunday is a wake up call for us here in Southern Arizona.

Sunday's earthquake near Napa Valley, Calif., caused a lot of damage and injured dozens of people.

Southern Arizona is prone to earthquakes, according to Dr. Allison. You might remember in late June there was a 5.2 earthquake centered near the Arizona-New Mexico border that shook up some parts of Southern Arizona. Dr. Allison said there have been hundreds of aftershocks in the area since then that still continue to happen.

In just the last five years, a statewide seismic network has been created to detect quakes in the Grand Canyon State, according to Dr. Allison.

“We're starting to identify some of those that weren't recorded before,” Dr. Allison said Sunday. “It starts telling us where the faults are and where the active faults are. So we're trying to build up that inventory that will give us a better idea of forecasting. What are the probabilities of earthquakes in any particular area? How often will they occur and how big will they be?”

Sunday's earthquake in Northern California was about 30 times more powerful than the quake felt earlier this summer in Southern Arizona, according to Dr. Allison.

That latest quake in Southern Arizona could have been much worse if it had been centered closer to the metro area, so Dr. Allison reminds people to prepare for emergencies that could occur because of natural disasters.

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