Findlay School District making changes to their bus routes

FINDLAY, OH (Toledo News Now) - For the last three years Broad Ave has been a congested bottleneck around Findlay High School, but this year a quick fix has completely resolved the problem.

During a meeting on the construction around the school, administrators brought up the bus congestion issue.

While attempting a left turn onto Broad Ave the busses would tend to stack up, causing a lot of congestion in the parking lot and on the street. So the decision was made to add a new driveway that leads directly to Howard St south of the campus.

The district also decided to employ a policy of not taking left turns onto Broad St and adjusted the routes the busses take to the north end of town.

Findlay Superintendent Ed Kurt says the decision had the students in mind as well.

"Getting kids in smoothly and getting them out, you know, safety is always an issue," said Kurt. "When you have bottlenecks of traffic it adds to fender-benders and things going in with traffic. And I think it was just a great idea to get these kids in smoothly and out smoothly."

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