Maumee police department gets a big boost to help crackdown on crime

MAUMEE, OH (Toledo News Now) - Maumee police now have a new fleet of cars along with new equipment inside to better help keep crooks off the streets.

Sergeant TJ Stratton says ​the new police cars are a big step up from the old ones, and while it's a bit expense, it's something extremely necessary.

"They're driven 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by all kinds of drivers,"said Stratton. "So there's a lot of wear and tear on them from that constant driving."

Four of the eight new cars are already being used at the department and four more are on their way in the next couple of weeks.

Stratton says for their job these cars play a big role.

"That's our office basically," said Stratton. "That's where we have most of our folks working out of, so we spend those long hours in there. So it's very important to have a car that's safe to drive, a car that starts when you need it to start and it can get you where you need to go."

The new cars have updated camera systems, computer systems and new lights to name a few things.

Stratton says all of these things help the officers do their job more efficiently.

"The in car cameras that are so important today," said Stratton. The quality is much higher than the old cameras. The computer system, computers go out of fad every three to four years. Those computers get worn out as well, so these are newer, updated, more efficient machines now."

The other four cars are expected to arrive the week of Labor Day.

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