Call 11 For Action: Belmont-Detroit neighbors get the clean up they asked for

Call 11 for Action: Belmont-Detroit neighbors get the clean up they asked for

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Neighborhood residents living in the Belmont-Detroit Ave area have been complaining for weeks about trash, sofas and even grocery carts littering a demolition site.

Dennis Kennedy from the city's Division Code of Enforcement says the site is neglected.

For people in the area, like Marcy Turner, patience is running thin.

"I was in the house talking on the phone," said Turner. "I came out, I was like oh my god, and all I saw was this puff of smoke."

What she is referring to is a church falling apart, piece by piece, on the corner of Belmont and Detroit Ave. No one knows why the roof on Blessed Hope Baptist Temple fell back on June 24, but they do know it left on huge mess after the city demolished it.

Resident William Liddell says he called the city a number of times.

"This is a problem here," said Liddell.

And this problem is especially true for Marcy Turner who has lived in the Belmont and Detroit area for over a decade.

"I want this cleaned up," said Turner. "I want it out, I have babies. I don't want to turn my back for a second and one of my babies end up in here."

Dennis Kennedy in the Division of Code Enforcement attempted on behalf of the city that there are a number of reasons for the building being neglected. The city had to do a asbestos survey, which can take days. All the utilities had to be shut off. And the equipment needed to haul the debris away the city had to repair.

Kennedy did say the debris will be cleaned up. City crews hauled away three truckloads and they'll get the rest on Friday.

The city wouldn't comment on the owner of the church.

The city has been awarded another grant which totals around $1.5 million, which could help with demolition.

If you think you have a problem give Call 11 for Action Team a call at 419-255-2255.

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