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Perrysburg Schools plan for future water emergencies

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The water crisis is still fresh in many people's minds, and many have asked the question: What if this happens again?

Perrysburg Schools have put a plan in place to ensure that if it does happen again, they'll be prepared.

The new plan for the schools will include stockpiling water and paper products to help get them through if another water ban is affected. They're also looking at lunch options that don't require water.

"We looked at all the different things that water literally touches, and tried to figure out a way how we can work around that for as long as possible," said Superintendent Tom Hosler.

He says they sent a letter to parents asking for their help as well.

"We have 5,000 students in the district today, so we understand that we can't provide unlimited water, and that's where the letter came out, where we asked parents to help us with this, and maybe have some water set aside at home that they can send in, to keep us ahead of the curve," Hosler said.

Many parents in the district, including Kris Dalton, who has three children that go to Woodland Elementary School, say they're pleased that the school is taking action.

"We were busy getting school supplies, and new school clothes, and finishing up vacations, and they were already thinking about the future what ifs, and I was just really thankful for leaders who were in tune to that," Dalton said.

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