Lake Township won't buy road salt this winter

LAKE TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) - Leaders in Lake Township are already talking about winter. Trustees say they won't be buying road salt this year.

The price for road salt last year was $32 per ton. The quote this year has more than quadrupled to $133 per ton. According to the township administrator, if they were to buy salt at that price, it would cost an extra $50,000.

The township currently has 400 tons of salt in their facility that they will rely on for the upcoming winter, and they're hoping for a mild winter.

"When we found out that Wood County, who has several roads going through our township that they maintain for salt, are not buying any more salt for this year because of the cost, our thoughts were, 'If we have the cleanest roads but they're leading to roads that aren't treated, we're just wasting taxpayers' money,'" said Police Chief Mark Hummer.

Hummer says he's hoping more communities won't buy salt so the price will go down.

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