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Local school districts using more technologies in the classroom

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The 2014-2015 school year has just begun and many local districts seem to be increasing their use of technologies in the classroom.

In Oregon, Clay High School is now providing students with brand new 11-inch MacBook Airs. The idea came from the increasing use of technology in the education and business world. Students will be using software called Schoology, giving way to the old paper-and-pencil setting. Students can add audio, video and images to documents as well as ask questions all with the convenience of a laptop.

Perrysburg Schools are also providing MacBooks and ChromeBooks as a part of their one-to-one program. The younger children get a ChromeBook and high school student receive MacBooks. This is in hopes of bringing the students into the 21st century. Teachers at Frank Elementary also received document cameras from the principal in order to display their lessons online for students to view at home.  

Sylvania Schools have updated their website and are teaching students about their cyber tattoos. A key upgrade on the new website is their mobile access, allowing parents and students to access the site more efficiently. Students can access digital services on Sylvania's website and school officials say many of their classrooms are completely digital with integrated technology through the use of ChomeBooks. They say their plan is to provide each student with a ChromeBook within the next several years. In addition, students in all grades will be learning about the impact they can have online. The schools will teach students about cyber bullying, academic honesty and the dangers of talking to strangers online.

Washington Local District is also giving students access to laptops, ChromeBooks and iPads. Along with the technical gadgets teachers can use the wireless network to give tests required online by the state. The school also now gives parents access to their child's grades on there website.  

Not only are the schools providing new technology in the classroom but apps are now allowing students to take some of this technology home.

Apps are now not only good for distraction but can be used to help with education. Apps such as myHomework Student Planner, Flashcards Maker Pro and Pocket can help students with schedules, studying and saving documents.

The government website USA.gov is also helping teachers, parents and students with getting back-to-school. The site offers tips on how parents can save money, on keeping kids safe and even helps students with their homework.

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