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Don't Waste Your Money: Non-melting ice cream sandwiches still safe to eat

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As summer winds down, many are enjoying the last days of vacation with ice cream. But this summer, people everywhere have been talking about ice cream that doesn't melt!

Earlier this summer, a story about a woman who wondered why her ice cream sandwiches weren't melting received international attention.

"I noticed that my son had left his ice cream sandwich outside, and I was wondering, ‘Why is there still ice cream there?'" said Christie Watson.

Her Walmart Great Value brand ice cream sandwich barely melted after sitting out for 12 hours.

"Monday I came out and looked at it and there was still ice cream there, so I thought to myself, ‘What am I feeding to my children?'" Watson said.

John Matarese conducted his own test: A Haagan Das ice cream melted within minutes of being left outside, while the Walmart brand and a similar Klondike bar took much longer.

Food scientist and culinary professor Grace Yek says there is nothing wrong with these ice cream products.

"Stabilizers have gotten a bad rap because it's foreign and sounds suspect," Yek said.

Yek says Walmart's stabilizers – guar gum and cellulose gum – are plant based and the FDA considers them healthy.

"They are fine for normal, average consumption," she said.

Without these added gums, Yek says ice cream gets hard and crunchy after a few weeks.

"They do serve a purpose in that they give even high-quality ice cream that mouth feel, that creamy texture, and the minimization of ice crystals," said Yek.

The bottom line: The ingredients list might be long, but the FDA says those ice cream sandwiches are OK to feed to your kids. 

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