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Sylvania looking into microsystin testing

SYLVANIA, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The city of Sylvania is looking to step up their water testing by testing for microcystin.

Sylvania test its water currently but is looking to test for microcystin as well. 

Residents in Sylvania say they think the city should test for microsystin on its own, and not depend on Toledo's testing. 

"Well I would feel more confident," said resident Barry Mason. "Just the idea that we have an extra test on our end of things and it would be to our advantage I think."

Some residents say current testing does not convince them the water is safe. 

"I think that is a very good idea," said resident Krysta Lawver. "Personally we haven't been drinking the water. We have stuck to the bottled water cause we just don't really trust the testing that they have in place."

The city does not have the equipment to test for microcystin. Mayor of Sylvania Craig Stough says they will talk to the city of Oregon to see if they can provide the testing, and also look into help from private labs.

"This is just so we can have our own test quicker and control when the test are made," said Stough. "Get the results turned back to us just as quickly as possible, without waiting for the city of Toledo and there many test results to be processed."

There is no word yet on how much the testing would cost.

Mayor Stough says the testing may be in place by the end of this algae season. He also stated they will make a recommendation to the utility committee within the next few weeks.

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