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Police remind drivers to go slow in Perrysburg neighborhood

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) -

After concerns were shared that drivers were speeding through a Perrysburg neighborhood, police conducted a study to see how fast drivers were going.

The study was done in the Brookhaven neighborhood.

Police first used Stealth Stat, a smaller device that drivers don't notice, to get an accurate reading on a driver's speed. After that, they used a speed trailer at Sterlingwood Avenue to remind drivers to go slow.

"It's always comforting to know that they're monitoring the safety of the neighborhood," said Corinne Jaco, who lives in the subdivision. "We do have quite a bit of kids in this neighborhood, all ages."

The results from the speed study showed that the average speed on Sterlingwood in both directions was about 20 miles per hour.

Many residents say they were satisfied with those results.

Kevin Coy, who lives in the neighborhood, says that because of the high volume of kids in the neighborhood, he hopes they continue to see the speed limit strictly enforced.

"The thing we're worried about, you trust the road that [the kids are] on. You watch them, and you teach them to watch as they're going across, but you never know who's going to come in from outside the neighborhood that doesn't know there's kids around," he said.

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