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Toledo Police tell criminals not to mess with TPS

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

With over 3,000 security cameras and a security team that monitors each camera 24 hours a day, Toledo Police says messing with Toledo Public Schools is a bad idea. 

"Probably one of the dumbest things you can do in the city of Toledo is break into a TPS school," said Toledo policeman Joe Heffernan.

Since the 1980s TPS has worked hard to have superior security within and around their buildings. Motion detectors, cameras and an around the clock security team work hand in hand keeping criminals out and kids safe.

TPS Director of Public Safety William Weyantt says that they take pride in protecting their students, staff and properties.

"It's very helpful we do our own alarm monitoring here," said Weyantt. "Our dispatcher is manned 24 hours a day 365 days a year. As our burglar alarms are going off our dispatcher can actually bring up the cameras and start looking in specific areas. It not only helps getting descriptions of the person in the building but also what part of the building they are in and we base our response on that."

A great relationship between TPS and the Toledo Police helps in the success rate of catching criminals.

"We work great with Toledo police dept and the Lucas county sheriff dept," said Weyantt. "We have communications with them and we give them live updates as to where to respond, narrowing down so when they actually get to the school they can set up a perimeter closest to where the criminals are at immediately."

Every TPS building has 32 to 150 cameras each. With security being such a top priority to the district the cost of motion detectors and real time surveillance cameras are included in the cost of a new school building. This allows TPS and Toledo Police to see who is going into the building at all hours of the day. 

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