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Webb proposes regional water authority study, Mayor pushes back

Toledo's water intake on Lake Erie Toledo's water intake on Lake Erie
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Toledo City Councilman Lindsay Webb wants to give area cities and towns which buy water from Toledo a seat at the table when it comes to decisions about the water treatment plant and the rest of the water system.

Right now several area communities, including most of Lucas County and Perrysburg, buy water from Toledo and then distribute it to residents. Those cities and their residents help pay for the water treatment plant, but currently all decisions about that plant are made by the City of Toledo.

"Part of what I'm attempting to do with this in the long run is to create a place where half of our water system, our water customers have a seat at the table and that their concerns have a path and an opportunity to be heard," Webb said.

Webb, along with four other council members, wants the city to spend $175,000 to create a regional water feasibility study and action plan along with the Toledo Area Metropolitan Area of Governments. The proposal would call for Toledo to sell its water treatment plant to the new authority.

One reason Webb and the other council members are calling for this change is they believe the water crisis could have been handled better, including better communication.

"The first time that the administration communicated with our suburban outliers...was at 2 o'clock in the afternoon on Sunday, so a more cooperative regional approach is prudent," Webb said.

Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins says he is not in favor of spending the money.

Mayor Collins released the following statement on the matter:

Regional water has been an issue that has been discussed in the past, as well as studied in the past. This is a question that would ultimately have to be decided upon by the voters. At this point in time, the Mayor is not supportive of allocating additional funding for an implementation plan. If Lucas County or other jurisdictions want to contribute beyond what has already been allocated, that is not in our area of control.

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