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Oregon city leaders adding advanced warning light system to railroad intersection

OREGON, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Oregon City leaders are working toincrease safety on the roads and make sure you get where you need to go asquickly as possible by adding another advanced warning light system toOttercreek Road.

Blue lights will be posted atintersections and flash when a train has stopped traffic.  City leaders say they help drivers know whatto expect and when they should find an alternate route.

This system is already in use onPickle Road.  The new lights will beinstalled on Ottercreek Road at Corduroy and Ottercreek at York.

"They'll know that there's a train that's blockingthe traffic on Ottercreek and they have to choose an alternate route.," saidCity Administrator Michael Beazley.  "Thisgives folks a heads up and it a little bit more convenience.

City Council has already approved a contractto move forward with the project.  Thelights should be up and running by Spring.

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