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Ohio State Highway Patrol are checking area school buses before classes begin

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

School is just around thecorner and the Ohio State Highway Patrol is cracking down on area school buses,making sure they are up to code.

In February hundreds of localschool buses had violations and now OSHP is checking on them once again.

Ohio State Highway Patrol Sgt.Conley says there are many violations to check for.

"The inspector looks to makesure everything is secure," said Conley. "Making sure there are no excess orleaks."

Conley says there are manydifferent violations that they see.

"We see a lot of exhaustviolations," said Conley. "Leaks under the bus that can become a safety issuefor students riding the bus."

One important thing the OhioState Patrol checks on as well is the lights on the outside of the bus, warningoncoming traffic to look for kids.

"The bus lighting system is the firstthing that drivers come in contact with," said Conley. "They see that all the way down the road 500 feet all the way to1-thousand feet. They see those yellow lights it's the first warning they get.So we want to make sure they're operating properly, the bulbs are good, theyare all functioning and the drivers can see those."

Many area schools start next week. 

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