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Elmwood Schools getting updated security system

BLOOMDALE, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A new securitysystem will soon be coming to Elmwood Local Schools to ensure even more safetyto the students and staff.

All of thedoors will be upgraded to new security software, which will allow school staffto control them from one location. 

Superintendent TonyBorton says the new system will make the day-to-day routine more convenient,but it is especially top-notch for dealing with emergency situations.

"I cansimply go to either the software, or I'll have an app on my phone, where I canbasically put in some commands and basically lock down, so every key isdeactivated," said Borton.

The new systemwill cost just over $20,000, but $15,000 of that will come from grant money.

School staff memberssay they're very excited about the new system and they think it will be verybeneficial to the school.

Sandy Rhodeshas grandchildren that went to Elmwood, and she also works as a substitutecustodian there. She says she thinks this is a great idea.

"There'sjust a lot of traffic through there, with parents coming and with sales people,and BGSU students come in, so there's a lot of people coming in and out of thatbuilding all day long," said Rhodes.​

The schoolhopes to have the system installed by October of this year.

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