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RAW NUMBERS: City releases microcystin test data back to July 1

Algae in the water at Maumee Bay State Park Algae in the water at Maumee Bay State Park
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Toledo News Now has obtained data from the city of Toledo showing how much microcystin was in the drinking water, both before and after it was treated, since July 1.

The data shows that microcystin levels in the lake often rose above 1 part per billion, but the city was able to remove that toxin inside the water treatment plant. The World Heath Organization recommends humans not ingest water with over 1 part per billion of microcystin.

All tests of Toledo tap water before August 1 showed less than 0.3 parts per billion of the toxin. As early as July 12, lake water coming into the plant tested above 1 ppb. On that day the city says water coming into the plant contained 1.731 parts per billion of microcystin. Once treated, that level dropped to less than 0.3 parts per billion.

The amount of microcystin in the lake water spiked on July 17. In just 24 hours, testing data shows the levels jumped from 0.566 ppb to more than 5.55 ppb. Microcystin levels at the water intake remained high for several days, but Toledo tap water stayed at or below 0.301 ppb.

The first time the data shows Toledo tap water above 1 ppb is on August 1, when the city says microcystin registered at 2.469 ppb. That's when city leaders told the public not to drink the water.

Dozens of tests over the next 3 days show microcystin levels in tap water as high as 3.191 ppb. Those levels quickly dropped off, though. The last sample of Toledo tap water to test above 1 ppb was collected on Sunday, August 3.

On Monday, August 4, the day the ban was lifted, tap water tested at 0.349 ppb of microcystin, while water at the intake was still above 5.55 ppb.

View a spreadsheet of all data released by the city of Toledo here.  

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