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Perrysburg fire department argues for more staff

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) -

It's been a hot topic inPerrysburg for a while now: The city fire department wants to increase theirstaff.

They've been workingwith minimum staffing for the last three years due to budget restrictions, butnow they say the budget is balanced, and there's no reason to do with less anymore.

One of the main reasonsthey want to see their staff increase is because minimum staffing poses safetyrisks for the community.

At Tuesday's councilmeeting, public comment lasted over an hour regarding this topic.

By operating at minimumstaff, fire union members say it could be a recipe for disaster.

Right now, theytypically have just four people on duty - but if two get sent to the hospital,there's only two left to handle calls that come in in the meantime.

With just two, there'sonly so much they can do.

"If I show up atyour house, and someone's inside, God forbid, and you tell me, there's only twoof us, one person has to operate the pump, that one guy can't go in by himself,he has to wait for other people to show up," said firefighter PeteScarborough.

Scarborough tells medepartments like Toledo typically have about one firefighter for every 2,500people, whereas Perrysburg is currently operating with roughly one firefighterfor every 5,500 people.

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