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Toledo fountain found running after mayor's call to conserve water

Fountain outside of One Government Center Fountain outside of One Government Center
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The fountain in front of One Government Center was on Wednesday after Mayor Collins urged residents to conserve water.

Toledoans say they are doing their part and the city should too. 

"I live in an apartment building and we're all just conserving things and just doing the best we can with what we have," said resident Kevin Garrison.

The water in the fountain is recycled water but many in the community still think it shouldn't be on.

"We pay our taxes so they can run water, I guess. I can't water my grass but you know, I'm just a normal everyday guy," said Ken Frey.

Frey says he feels the city running the fountain is a double standard and that everyone should be working to conserve for the next few weeks.

"Obviously they're unsure about the water situation, or they wouldn't be telling us to conserve water, and to maintain what water we have in our reservoir. So if they're saying to conserve, it's for a reason, so obviously the problem isn't fixed," continues Frey.

Staff from the city say that the building manager of One Government Center controls the fountain and that the Mayor ordered other city fountains and sprinklers to be turned off.

The fountain has been turned off since this morning. 

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