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Some Heartland post offices to see reduced hours

The St. Mary Post Office will have to reduce its business hours come January 2015. The St. Mary Post Office will have to reduce its business hours come January 2015.
ST. MARY, MO (KFVS) - The U.S. Postal Service is looking to save money, and that means thousands of post offices across the nation will have to reduce their hours.

It is all a part of the Postal Service's Post Plan, which was developed in 2012.

According to USPS Corporate Communications Specialist Stacey St. John, the plan was developed after community members surveyed across the country said they preferred a reduction in hours as opposed to completely closing various locations.

“Communities would prefer to have a reduction in hours as to lose their post office all together,” St. John said.

The plan will impact nearly 13,000 post offices across the country.

St. Mary Post Office is one of those impacted by the plan.

St. John said business hours at the St. Mary site will be cut by roughly half.

She said this is a cost-saving measure because the workload at these smaller post offices can't support a full business day.

“Our mail volumes have declined nearly 60 percent for first class mail over the last 10 years, without the mail we just don’t have the workload to justify some of the hours that our smaller offices are open,” St. John said.

David Holland said he is not surprised the post office is reducing it's hours.

“I remember a time back in the late 50s and 60s when you couldn't cross the street here. The cars were coming back and forth coming from St. Louis," Holland said. "That was the case before I-55. But as the years went by, the school closed, the factory left and then after time it’s turned to this."

Holland said he would rather the post office reduce its hours, rather than close. He said he depends on his post office.

“There are a lot of things you get in the mail that you just don’t like to have in the mailbox," Holland said. "Sometimes you get a check, or a retirement check or something like that and this makes it nice to have, you know it’s safer here in a box than it is along the street in a mailbox.”

The post offices in Williamsville, Grandin and Gipsy are among the many that will also be impacted by the Post Plan.

It’s also looking to cut back on the number of distribution locations.

Because of that, the centers in Cape Girardeau and Paducah are both set to close.

These changes are set to take place in January 2015.

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